Libations Lounge at the 
Harry Packer Mansion
Call for more info: 570-325-8566
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Kristen Matweecha BVV,
 Wine Specialist
Kristen has traveled extensively throughout some of the world's finest wine regions giving her an in depth understanding of wine and the wine making process. She has achieved the exclusive distinction of Baccalaureate de Vigne et Vin from the Wine School of Philadelphia for her outstanding knowledge and passion for wine. Kristen selects the wines for the lounge and teaches the wine appreciation classes. She is always happy to talk wine with our guests.
Taylor Handwerk, 
 Event Coordinator
Taylor's family has owned the Harry Packer Mansion since 1983. He began working full time at the family business in 2007. He has traveled throughout some of the world's finest wine regions with his wife Kristen (designated driver). Taylor is in charge of scheduling events as well as selecting the beer and spirits for the lounge. He specifically enjoys selecting (and tasting) scotches. His enjoyment of fine libations is only rivaled by his passion for cars and racing, which makes great conversation for those who share the same love.
Libation: n. a ritual pouring of a drink as an offering to a god.

Libations Lounge was opened in December 2009 by Taylor Handwerk and his wife, Kristen Matweecha. The idea behind the lounge was to bring an excellent selection of beer, wine and spirits to guests in a setting unlike any other. The lounge has also allowed visitors who may not be staying at the Mansion an opportunity to see how the country’s wealthiest families lived during the Victorian era. So please, sit back, relax and watch the world go by. Cheers!

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Friday 4-9pm
Saturday 1-4:00pm

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